April- Month of Kitemaking

While the whole month of April is National Kite Month, there are specific dates during that month that give additional reasons for your kiting celebrations:

April 3:
World Party Day-A day to make the world a better place–make a kite and fly it with friends

April 4:
National Fun Day-Enhance your sense of fun with the delight of kite making and kite flying

April 12:
Big Wind Day marking the 1934 reading of the fastest wind clocked at 231 mph. No kite flying that day

April 14:
Look Up at the Sky Day- Fly the kite you made as high as you can.

April 16:
National Stress Awareness Day–Kite making and kite flying are great stress reducers

April 22:
Earth Day-Honor our place on earth flying a kite you made in the air

April 24:
World Intellectual Property Day–Look at all the kite patents! kitepatents.blogspot.com

April 29:
National Arbor Day. Keep your kite out of a tree

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