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Thank You Everyone

We are so appreciative of all the kite flyers out there, but we are in the process of closing What's Up. We still have some kite kits available for sale. If you wish to place an order, please send us an email at judy@kitesonaroll.com with what you would like, your billing and shipping information, your phone number and email contact. We will get back to you to confirm the order and ship date. Payment is by check only as the credit card option is no longer available. We are so grateful for all the wonderful customers we have met over the years.

Wishing you the best in 2022.


Everyone Loves Our Kites!

Whatever group event or party you are  planning, trust that our easy-to-make kite kits will bring an uplifting (yes, pun intended) excitement to the entire gathering! Kids and adults love to decorate, assemble and fly these ingenious kite kits. As a team building exercise, you'll be able to improve the workplace environment and encourage communication among employees while having a really good time. Making and flying your own kite is fun for everyone, so check out our kite kits and throw your best event ever with Kites…On a Roll®!


Kid Friendly Kites!

Our kite kits are super kid-friendly. They are fun to create, easy to build and a blast to fly! Each kite kit comes with enough material for 20 or 25 customizable kites…now that’s a PARTY! Every child creates his or her own masterpiece and experiences a sense of accomplishment as it flies high in the sky. It's a great way to burn off some birthday cake too! Make your party a winner by bringing together kids of all ages with Kites…On a Roll®.


Learn, Play, Create & Explore!

Kids love to learn. Teach them the wonderful history and cultural uses of the kite, why and how a kite flies, how to build a kite and how to fly one. Our kite kits offer an opportunity for kids to play with one another, get outside, and create memories and kites simultaneously. Take your  kite out and explore the great blue yonder.

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Kite Making Kits for all Occasions

Whether it’s our plastic Kites…on a Roll® kit or our paper Fly Me Kite Kits, fun is inevitable. Everything about seeing your own kite creation take flight excites and brings out the kid in everyone!

Kites… on a Roll® kite making kits let creativity reign and imagination run wild. When you’re decorating the sails and flying your kite with friends, every kite kit becomes a new way of making memories.

Whether it’s on the beach, at the park, in your backyard or outside your office, creating and flying your own kite brings a special sense of enjoyment and accomplishment, regardless of age!

Next time you get together with friends, family, or coworkers, consider a Kites...on a Roll® kite making kit. Give everyone you’re with the opportunity to bring out his or her inner child, create their own kite, and watch it take flight!


You are an answered prayer!!! Thank you so much for going the extra mile – that type of costumer service is out of the ordinary!!!

Sandra H

It is such a pleasure to do business with you as you are so helpful and organized and responsive! A personal touch is missing when ordering so often these days.

Linda D

Coordinator of Educational Programs

Build the kites. Older Gen folks who don’t have younger kids in our church gathering to assist other families helps build a sense of community, plus, this is just fun! Anyhow, the event went VERY well. I wasn’t able to attend, as I came down with pneumonia. Imagine…the one in charge with all the info and ideas was not able to be there. But I have an AMAZING team of youth and children’s ministry workers who were able to decipher my idea and got it all done. The families all had a wonderful time and have already been asking when we can do it again.
Thanks! This was FUN!

Mykala S

Missouri State Children’s Ministry Director

This is how second hand news travels and keeps great suppliers like you in business. As a member of the Sonoran Arthropod Studies Institute (SASI), I was there there when they closed. I was given a box of “teacher stuff”. In this great box of supplies and ideas was a folder containing your kite flyer and scraps from various kits. I was pleasantly surprised to find your website yesterday! I am so glad you are still in business! I will send you pics and perhaps even video of your great product in action at this school wide event.
Thank you so very much!


We did our kite project with 28 campers and 8 adults in three separate groups. These were kids who range in age from 9 to 11 (give or take) with a wide range of attention spans and abilities. Two of us put a kite together before having the kids do it, and we felt that there were too many steps for our kids (and adults) to tackle. We wanted this project to be fun for the campers and frustration free for the counselors getting them through it. So we “prepped” the kites ahead of time – we did all the cutting, taping, hole punching, and sliding the stiffeners in. So the campers got to decorate them, put the strings on them (with counselor assistance), and fly them… and they did fly. Kids were happy. Counselors were happy. Parents were impressed when they saw them on pick-up day. Over all, we feel it was a successful project. Our only critique is that there were too many steps to have young children do. Hope this feedback is helpful – it is the spirit in which we give it.


Thank you! Will refer you to our local school systems. Awesome service!


I ordered your sled kites for families at our church’s family camp week, and we had about 10 families participate, and they really enjoyed the decorating part, and how easy it was to put together! But the best part was flying them! The kids were from around 3 to 7, and the kites flew with almost no effort, they just held up the kites and they flew beautifully! I wasn’t able to get out there and get pictures of that, but I do have a few of the decorating etc. The kites and everything arrived just as expected. The materials to make a sample were a big help too!
Thanks much!

Kathy S

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