Sled Kites

Simple Sled Kite making kits for young children ages 5-9

The sled kite is the easiest for little kids to fly; it turns every child into a terrific kite flyer! Our easy-to-follow patterns take only 15 minutes to assemble. The kite material is made of writeable plastic so that each child can decorate his or her own kite.

Making a Sled Kite with our kits is a fun and memorable activity from start to finish.

At Kites…on a Roll® we like to make the kite experience special for every child. Whether it is your first time flying a kite or you are an expert, every time brings a new memory. That’s why we have created these Sled Kite kits that are easy for children to make in just a few minutes. The designing and flying is where the real fun comes in. Letting children make their own masterpiece and watch their own kite soaring through the air is a thrill!The Sled Kite is a great choice for young children because it’s easy to fly, even if it’s their first time. We love to watch the expressions on kid’s faces as they fly their own kites. As kite lovers ourselves, we can say that these are truly great kits and are fun at every stage in the process.
Get great tips on how to create a frolicking, fun flying experience with your Sled Kites!

The Sled package comes with materials for 20 kites:
  • Each kite is 16" x 24" when laid flat with a single 10" tail or two 5" tails.
  • Pre-cut birch sticks, 16" long ( 2 per kite)
  • Flying line (150' wrapped around a plastic handle)
  • Workshop packet containing the history, science and culture of kites, time-saving suggestions, activities, and additional readings
  • Imprinted sail and tail patterns on writeable plastic
  • Instructions and kite safety tips imprinted on the plastic
  • A sample kite pattern for you to make ahead of time
Each Sled kite kit roll(or unit ) contains materials to make 20 kites: patterns of sails/tails for 20 kites, 20 sets of pre-cut sticks and 20 sets of kite string wrapped around plastic handles.

From $42.00 (Excl. Tax)

1 to 5 $48.00 per unit
6 to 10 $45.00 per unit
11 or more $42.00 per unit

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