Fly Me Kite Kits

A white paper bag cleverly printed for cutting into a sled kite 14" x 21 ½". An inexpensive, simple, alternative to the plastic Kites…on a Roll® Sled. You only need scissors, tape and decorating stuff to create these sled kites. A hole punch is also helpful.

Please note that kite string is not included with these kits. It must be purchased separately either Buy string from us or your neighborhood store. You will need 6 feet of string to make the kite bridle in order to finish the assembly of the kite.

Purchased in multiples of 25.

For a total of 25 bags, order 1 qty
For a total of 50 bags, order 2 qty
For a total of 100 bags, order 4 qty
For a total of 500 bags, order 20 qty

From $25.00 (Excl. Tax)

1 to 1 $31.25 per unit
2 to 2 $30.00 per unit
3 to 4 $28.75 per unit
5 to 12 $28.00 per unit
13 to 19 $27.00 per unit
20 or more $25.00 per unit

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