Kites…on a Roll® Are Fantastic For Group Activities!
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20 Kites Per Roll With Everything Tucked Inside!


That’s right, when you order any of our plastic Kites…on a Roll® kits, you get  the materials you need to make 20 kites. The kite sails, tails, and assembly instructions are printed on the rolled-up plastic sheet.  The pre-cut sticks and winders of flying string are tucked inside the roll. Just unroll, cut apart the kite pieces, decorate however you want and assemble!  You only need to provide scissors, tape and whatever you want for decorating.

Our other kite kit, the FLY ME KITE KITS come in multiples of 25. The clever design turns a
paper bag into a white, paper kite. These kits do not come with string.

What’s more fun than flying a kite? A group of people flying kites that they made themselves!

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Kites…on a Roll® Kite Kits Make Any Event Take Flight!



Delta Kites

From $53.50


Malay Bird Kites

From $48.00


Sled Kites

From $42.00

Everyone Loves Our Kites!

icon-cartWhatever group event or party you have coming up, trust that our easy-to-make kite kits will be uplifting for the entire gathering… literally!  Kids and adults love to decorate, assemble and use these ingenious kite kits.   Flying kites is fun for everyone, so check out our kite kits and throw the best event ever… with Kites…On a Roll®.

Kid Friendly Kites!

thumbs_upOur kite kits are super kid friendly. They are fun to create, easy to build and a blast to fly! Each kit comes with enough material for 20 kites…now that’s a PARTY! Every child creates his or her own masterpiece and experiences a sense of accomplishment when it flies high in the sky. Try Kites…On a Roll® today!

Learn, Play, Create & Explore!

learn_play_create_explore_iconKids love to learn. Teach them how a kite is built and how to fly one. Our kite kits are a great opportunity to have kids play with one another! Let them create memories and kites simultaneously. Take the kites outside and explore the great blue yonder. Great way to burn off some birthday cake too! Make your party a winner with Kites…On a Roll®.

Happy Kites…On a Roll® Kite Flyers

Kites…on a Roll® Kite Kits Are Perfect for Group Activities!

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